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Too poor to be treated? March for a People’s NHI! Cape Town, 24 April 2019

The People’s Health Movement South Africa (PHM-SA) is joining the Movement for Change and Social Justice (MCSJ), in partnership with many other organisations, on a march on Wednesday, 24 April 2019, to demand the effective implementation of a People’s National Health Insurance (NHI) across South Africa:

Date: 24 April 2019 (Wednesday)
Venue: Keizersgracht to National Parliament, Cape Town
Time: 11h00 to 13h30

We believe that our healthcare system is failing many people (both working class and poor), especially in the townships and rural communities; while those able to afford it can easily access health services of varying quality in private health facilities. We want to see an end to “Too poor to be treated”!

We support the call to implement a People’s NHI. An NHI alone will not solve the systemic problems facing our health system. We need a strong public sector, stewarded by leaders committed to health as a right, with skilled managers and health care providers at all levels providing quality comprehensive care to all, that meets the needs particularly of the poor and marginalised, in a system where the people are given voice through strong community participation. This is what is needed for a People’s NHI which will deliver the equitable health system we all want.

Join our march for the effective implementation of a People’s NHI on 24 April 2019. We intend to hand over a Memorandum outside the gates of the National Parliament in Cape Town.

The People’s NHI will see the end of “Too poor to be treated”!

Join the People’s NHI Campaign!
Dial *134*1994*333# (it’s free)

Health for All Now! Forward Towards a People’s NHI!

Contact Persons:
MCSJ: Mandla Majola, majolam24@gmail.com, 076 609 8818
PHM-SA: Tinashe Njanji, tinashe@phm-sa.org, 078 831 5809

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