A Civil Society Campaign to advocate for the ratification of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) and its Optional Protocol, by the South African Government. A Campaign of the Community Law Centre, Socio Economic Rights project, Black Sash, National Welfare Forum (NWF), Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP SA), People’s Health Movement SA (PHM)

The importance of South Africa’s Ratification of the ICESCR and OP CESCR and the link between Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and MDGS

Why should South Africa ratify the ICESCR and its OP CESCR? This is the basic question that this presentation seeks to answer. It was compiled in July 2011 by Henri J. Nkuepo, who is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Iowa.

The Department of Health has published a National Environmental Health Policy for public comment

The Policy provides broad guidelines for the effective implementation of environmental health services in South Africa by all levels of government and all relevant sectors, such as water and sanitation, health and others. Comments must be submitted by 30 September 2011. Contact details and further information are provided in the attached copy of the call for comments and draft policy.

ICESCR Campaign Advocacy Progress Report

South Africa is one of only a handful of countries around the world that have not yet ratified the ICESCR. As this treaty is important for enforcing the rights of those living in poverty, it has particular relevance to the majority of communities in South Africa, who do not have access to some of the most basic human rights. It was thus critical that South African Civil Society advanced the call for the State to ratify the ICESCR and its Optional Protocol. This Campaign Report is for the period of June to December 2010.

Help Protect our Human Rights ICESCR Campaign 2009 Report

Since 2007 The ICESCR Campaign has been conducting advocacy efforts urging civil society organisations and calling on the South African Government to ratify the ICESCR. The ICESCR is the principal UN Human rights treaty that protects economic, social and cultural rights. this is covenant is a milestone for enforcing the rights of those living in poverty, which has a particular relevance to the vast majority of communities in South Africa. In spite of Former President Nelson Mandela’s signing of the International Covenant on Economic , Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), fifteen years ago, South Africa is yet to ratify this most pivotal covenant and sign its Optional Protocol. Most importantly the Optional Protocol, provides for a complaint procedure by which the rights in the ICESCR can be enforced and infringements remedied. This means individuals are able to bring complaints to the Committee that their economic, social or cultural Rights have been infringed upon by a states party. South Africa cannot sign the Protocol until it has ratified the ICESCR. Civil Society Organisations, led by the Community Law Centre, Black Sash, People’s Health Movement, The National Welfare Forum, are calling on our government to protect all our human rights by ratifying the Covenant NOW! A report of the 2009 Campaign activities

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