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Call for Endorsement: ICESCR Health Submission

In 2015, South Africa ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), more than 20 years after we transitioned from apartheid to a democracy based on a constitutional commitment to human rights. This was a historic event for Civil Society which had been pressing the South African government to ratify a treaty which embodies much of the commitment to socio-economic justice and equality that was adopted in South Africa’s Constitution post-apartheid.

Two years after ratification, in 2017, the South African government submitted its first report to the United Nations (UN) Committee that oversees the Covenant. As part of the UN system, civil society groups are able to submit what are called “shadow reports” which provide the UN Committee with perspectives from communities, NGOs and social movements on the same issues reported by the SA government. The Committee uses these shadow reports to look critically at what the government has claimed as progress or lack of progress on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

The People’s Health Movement (PHM) has worked hard to coordinate a Civil Society health submission over the past two months. You can download the ICESCR Health submission and an Information Note on the submission here:

If your organisation would like to endorse this submission, please email Anneleen at anneleen@phm-sa.org and send her your organisation’s logo so we can include it in the cover page. We would welcome as much support for this wide-ranging submission as possible.

Unfortunately, because the Committee will be examining the SA government report (available for download here) in September, there is some urgency to submit this Civil Society report and we are not looking for comments at this stage.

If you are able to support the report, please let us know by Thursday 16th August 4pm at the latest, so we can finalise the submission.

Feel free to circulate this draft submission to any other organisations you know who might want to sign on.

Please send any queries or confirmations to Anneleen De Keukelaere at anneleen@phm-sa.org

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