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Bavuse! Mobile Mobilisation for Health for All

The People’s Health Movement South Africa (PHM SA) is now using Bavuse! – an exciting new health advocacy and mobilisation tool – to communicate with our members and the public. People can use this tool to organise and mobilise themselves around health and human rights issues in their communities. It works with basic phones, smartphones, tablets or computers.

PHM-SA is developing Bavuse! in partnership with Grassroot and Health Enabled. Our public launch is on 9 June 2018, and instructions on how to use the website, smartphone app and basic phone menu will appear here soon: https://www.grassroot.org.za/help

Bavuse! provides options to organise campaigns, call meetings, have votes, run polls, and integrate petitions hosted through Amandla.mobi. It can serve as a strategic tool for:

  • Mobilising our constituencies in different geographical areas around health advocacy and social justice campaigns
  • Self-organising at grassroots level
  • Public education on health issues
  • Quick, large-scale information-sharing on developments happening on the ground


Bavuse! can reach potentially thousands of people through SMS, USSD, email and social media. It is a single platform that is interactive and easy to use, and can be adapted to people’s access to specific forms of technology (basic phones, smartphones, tablets or computers). For more information, click here to see a presentation on Bavuse! by Peter Benjamin, Deputy Secretary of PHM-SA, who is pioneering this initiative.

Please get in touch with PHM-SA if you are interested in hearing more about Bavuse! and/or discussing possible collaboration around using this platform for health and social justice advocacy, mobilisation and information sharing towards Health for All.

To sign up to PHM-SA on Bavuse, please do one of the following:

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