Tinashe Njanji is currently Coordinator-field worker of the People’s Health Movement South Africa. His main responsibilities are the day-to-day running of the PHM-SA office, internal and external communications, mobilising communities and networking with other health CSOs in South Africa. As adult educator, another part of his current work includes the organisation of the South African People’s Health University (SAPHU) where he is responsible for the logistics, recruiting of community members and is one of the faculty. He joined PHM-SA in 2008 after a journey of health activism working with grassroots communities in different parts of the country, for example, he was one of the founding activists of the Social Justice Coalition, and in 2010 he was among the founding activists that formed the Right2Know Campaign.

Anneleen De Keukelaere has a background in social development, psychology and anthropology. Currently she is working as Associate Coordinator for the People’s Health Movement South Africa where she is responsible for the financial management including donor reporting, budget development, annual reporting, accounting and maintaining donor relations. She also assists in the project management for the two main programmes of PHM: South African People’s Health University (SAPHU) and the National Health Assembly (NHA).

In addition to above engagement with the People’s Health Movement South Africa, she is also active at PHM Global where she is part of the global secretariat of the People’s Health Movement in Cape Town and responsible for external communications and the Health for All Campaign. Before her activity at PHM, she gained experience working in Africa and Asia for several NGOs and Social Movements such as Caraes vzw, EFD (Education for Development), FOS, ILIRG (International Labour and Research Group) and COFTA (Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa).

Estian Smit is part-time Communications and Technology Mobilisation Coordinator at the People’s Health Movement South Africa. Having joined PHM-SA in 2017, they are responsible for managing Bavuse! – our new health advocacy and mobilisation technology that uses cell phones for organising, mobilising and campaigning. Their responsibilities also include training members in using Bavuse!, maintaining PHM-SA databases, disseminating PHM-SA positions through social media and mailing lists, writing and editing PHM-SA materials, and maintaining the PHM-SA website. Over the years, Estian has been involved in various environmental, social justice and transgender rights movements. Their work experience includes technical writing, advocacy, research and consultancy in the e-learning, human rights and academic sectors. They hold a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Stellenbosch University and has also pursued postgraduate studies on transgender and intersex rights at the University of the Western Cape.